Things to do in Aurora as a New Mom


As a mom of two small children, I’m always trying to think of different activities to do with them, to keep them happy, occupied, and exhausted by bedtime.

I moved to Aurora from Toronto when my eldest was 6 months old, and I really made the most of the second half of my maternity leave. I was moving to a town that I knew absolutely nothing about (except that my husband went to high school here), but I didn’t let that stop me from exploring and finding fun things for my son to do.

My primary goal?  I wanted to meet other mothers and make new friends, for both myself and my son.

There are so many great things to do in Aurora, as a new mother. My kids are still pretty small, just 1 and 3 years old, so I’ll be focusing mostly on that age group today.

I hope my experience and knowledge of Aurora can help anyone who is trying to adjust to this crazy, amazing life as a mother.

Join Programs!

I honestly think this is the number one thing to do, and luckily, we in Aurora are pretty much spoiled for choice.  The Town of Aurora has amazing programs, and if you go to their website, you’ll find a list of what’s available, and a sign-up sheet to get you started.  So simple!

Pro tip:  I actually signed my son up for classes before we moved to Aurora.  I had enough to think about, with the move, and signing up in advance meant I had one less thing to worry about.

I signed him up for swimming lessons, Kindermusik, and Snuggle Bugs.  He had an absolute blast, and, knowing he was having fun and socializing with other little ones, meant a lot to me.

Getting involved in kiddy classes isn’t just for babies, it’s also a great way for moms to meet other moms.  It’s good to get out of the house, away from the unwashed breakfast dishes, and lets your baby be around other babies and socialize as much as they can.

I can’t wait to continue to participate in the Town of Aurora programs. It gave me a nice weekly routine and something to look forward to. I love structure, so this was fantastic!

Indoor Playgrounds can be a saviour!

I wish I had discovered indoor playgrounds earlier than I did. After I went once I was hooked. Honestly, why did I not know about these ages ago?

There is a small entry fee, but most have indoor playgrounds have packages, or even memberships you could purchase, that will reduce the cost per visit.

They’re popping up all over Aurora right now and I am very excited about this. I’ve noticed Urban Park Playland that is up near Bayview and St Johns, right behind LA Fitness. I haven’t been to it yet but am excited to try it out. Another that I adore is Kids Cuckoos Nest, on Industrial Parkway. It even has a baby section so if you do have multiple children, no one is left out.

These indoor playgrounds mean your child(ren) get to play and you can meet new moms or go with your other mom friends and enjoy a latte, because yes, most of these places all have little cafes attached to them. This is what I call a win-win situation!

Everyone has a great time at indoor playgrounds, even the parents! And because they’re indoor, they’re perfect for rainy or snowy days.

Stay local! 

The Aurora’s Farmers Market runs from May-October and is buzzing on Saturday mornings. Whether you have a newborn or toddlers, you can get yourself a great sandwich, a coffee, check out all the stalls, and sit in a nice spot on the grass and enjoy the morning. The playground at Town park is right next door with a splash pad that is great in the summer and the kids love it. There’s a bandstand there as well, with different musical entertainment each weekend – children love to dance to the music, and parents love to sit at the picnic tables and watch their kids having fun in the sun.

The Aurora Library is also a treasure that took me longer to find than I want to admit. The kids’ room upstairs is a great place for your children to discover new books and they host a great music class that you just need to register for.

While on the topic of music class, you can also enjoy hosting one in your own home with Circle of Joy (I am sure there are others out there but this is the one I know best). You just need to get a group of moms together and it can become an all-in-one Mommy Meet Up/Music Class.

If you haven’t joined the Aurora/Newmarket Mommy Groups on Facebook, what are you waiting for? They are such a great resource and a great way to meet other moms in the area. Mothers supporting mothers:  what could be better!

For the Junior Master Chef

The Longo’s Loft in Aurora offers some great cooking classes not just for adults, but for literally all ages. They offer a Parent & Child and Parent & Toddler classes and have a whole calendar lined up for the season.

This is a great activity for young ones and I have really enjoyed bringing my eldest there. Imagine the day when they can start making dinner for us!

Get moving!

Exercise! The best way to keep you sane on those tougher days, when either you or your baby is pulling your hair out.  We have some great trails in Aurora that I definitely made the most of when my babies were tiny. Sheppard’s Bush has some great walking trails. Grab a coffee, a friend, get your babies in their strollers and off you go!

For those colder months, most gyms in Aurora have supervised day-cares, which is incredibly helpful. The Town of Aurora also does some Mommy and Baby workout classes where you can incorporate your baby into your workouts.

There are so many more things that Aurora has to offer young families, and I hope you take advantage of them all.  Good luck!

Kirsten Martin is a mom and co-founder of K+A Personal Concierge. She lives in Aurora, Ontario with her husband Aaron and two children, Scott and Scarlett.



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