Are you one of the 2.7 million people that Suffer with Migraine Headaches?


If you are you’ve probably missed time from work, driving, sleeping and other activities that you love. Statistics state that 63% of people who have migraines also suffer with depression as a result of the effect migraine has on their lives.

Are you ready for a change? Here are two safe and effective ways to help.

Research has shown that chiropractic care has the ability to decrease the frequency of migraine headaches by up to 90% and reduce the intensity of pain by 49%. Studies were performed that tested chiropractic care for tension or migraine headaches and found that it worked as well as medications in preventing these headaches.

Other studies show that migraine sufferers are more likely to be magnesium deficient than their healthy counterparts, and that supplementing with magnesium can benefit migraine suffers significantly. The studies suggest that magnesium supplementation may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in people with low levels of magnesium and reduce the frequency of attacks by 41.6%, compared to 15.8% in those who took placebo. Some studies also suggest that magnesium may help women whose migraines are triggered by their periods.

I too was a migraines sufferer who had taken all the medications without real relief and with some negative side effects. I had seen my family doctor and the neurologist on numerous occasions and then I finally met with the doctor of last resort: a chiropractor. Within 3 months of chiropractic care, my migraines had significantly reduced (80%), my irritable bowel syndrome had resolved and I was feeling energetic and positive. For the first time since I began suffering with migraines I had control of my life. I quit my job and headed off to Chiropractic College so I could help others as I was helped.

Dr. Leesa Sanchez D.C., is a chiropractor and owner of Return to Health Aurora.



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