5 Reasons to Perfect Your Posture

  1. Instantly appear thinnerNo kidding! When you slump forward your belly sticks out more. A healthier, fit appearance will also affect the age people assign to you. Take off a few pounds and a few years.
  2. Help Prevent Injury during Exercise: Good body mechanics reduce stress on the body and reduces the likelihood of sprains and strains during exercise.
  3. Protect your Back: Reduce the likelihood of back pain, disc problems and spinal stenosis. With good posture the muscles in your stomach and back take pressure off the spine.
  4. Save your Joints: Good posture takes pressure off your neck, back, hips and legs thereby reducing the development or progression of arthritis.
  5. Project Confidence: Standing up straight can help us to look more confident even when we don’t feel that way ourselves. People who stand up straight project a sense of confidence, authority, strength, and poise.

Improve your posture by trying the one or more of following:

  • Chiropractic Care: Safe and effective adjustments or spinal manipulation
  • Manual therapy: Massage therapy
  • Exercises: Specific strengthening, stretching, pilates or yoga
  • Posture braces
Dr. Leesa Sanchez is a chiropractor, and owner of Return to Health Aurora.


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